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Evaluation: why it is important?

The audio clips, slides, and research listed contain information about the evaluations of a range of services working with parents who have experienced recurrent care proceedings. These provide examples of methods used in evaluations, descriptions of different services and different approaches, and findings of effectiveness and costs. There are also some tips on carrying out evaluations and reminders of why evaluation is so important and links to an evaluation tool devised by the University of Essex. 

Findings from the evaluation of Pause

Presentation by Janet Boddy, talking about the evaluation of Pause. 2021. (Length: 35 minutes).

Evaluations: What works in reducing care proceedings

Professor Pam Cox of University of Essex prepared these additional 'Evaluations: What works in reducing care proceedings' slides on the purpose and importance of evaluation (2021).

Working with recurrent care-experienced birth mothers: Online resources

Research in Practice resource on working with parents who have experienced recurrent care proceedings. This section focuses on evaluation, outcomes and making the business case for services.

Additional service information

A range of leaflets and guides from services listed in the directory:




All resources are organised by theme and include short videos, published papers, links to relevant websites or practice aides, as well as some resources developed by parents.
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