Working with fathers

Most, but not all, of the services working with parents who have experienced recurrent care proceedings work with both mothers and fathers. 

Data on fathers and recurrent care proceedings

The initial research into data to establish the prevalence of recurrent care proceedings focused on mothers, because the data sources had more reliable information about mothers. A further study has now examined the data in relation to fathers, demonstrating that fathers too experience recurrent care proceedings. These papers draw on this research:

Working with fathers

The papers and practice guides below contain information about working with fathers involved with children’s social care:

‘Up Against It': Fathers and Recurrent Care Proceedings

This is a video of a session for the Community of Practice on the research into fathers and recurrent care proceedings.  The presenters are Dr Georgia Philip from the University of East Anglia and Dr Lindsay Youansamouth from University of Lancaster.

'Up Against It': Fathers and Recurrent Care Proceedings, by Dr Georgia Philip and Dr Lindsay Youansamouth. (Length: 41 minutes)


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